Thursday, April 12, 2012

Muffin for Blue Jay, Muffin for me.

I added something new to my Etsy shop today!

Blue Jay eating a cupcake.

I spent a while yesterday printing some of my linoleum carvings. I'm still getting the hang of the actual printing part, and most of my prints didn't come out just right, so I'll be working on it again soon. I have one other big linocut I'll be printing in addition to more cupcake bird prints. I already cut and folded a bunch of colorful papers to make cards as well. I really enjoy doing linocuts, but I'll be happy when I get better at printing them. Practice, practice!

It's my turn to choose "cheat day dinner" tomorrow. I am so looking forward to it. I was thinking about maybe making some of my favorite home-cooked things, so that way it would still be a diet cheat, but not nearly as bad as going out would be. If I made the stuff myself then I could still use organic ingredients, a good paleo cooking fat and etc.

 I got the idea from my craving for Mexican food. Mike and I have tried 4 or 5 different Mexican restaurants since we moved here. And by that I mean, we did a ton of research beforehand, and found the ones with the very best reviews and that people claimed were "so perfectly authentic". I don't know if these people have just never eaten real Mexican food, or what, but every single one of those restaurants' food has tasted like it came out of a can of dog food. I know it sounds like I'm exaggerating, like I am prone to do, but seriously. I'm not lying. Dog food. If I set forth to make the most gross tasting Mexican food I possibly could, it would still not be half as bad as these places. I really don't know how they can do so bad. And the very best Mexican restaurant we've found here is still not half as good as the WORST Mexican restaurant in New Mexico.

Where I was getting with this was, if I want good Mexican food in Kentucky, I'm going to have to make it myself. So I may do that tomorrow. Or maybe not. I'm just going to wait until tomorrow and see what I feel like doing/eating.

Being paleo makes me feel energetic and healthy and it's even pretty delicious most of the time, but I love cheat day. I realize it does make me slightly less healthy than I could be, but if I didn't have cheat day I don't think I could stick with being paleo for very long, and then I would just give up on the whole thing. So cheat day is a good thing for me.

I did make a delicious non-cheat treat today, though. 

Banana Nut Muffins!

Made with almond meal instead of grain. Also they are not sweetened. At all. The sweetness comes from the bananas only. And yet somehow they are delicious. Last time I made them, Mike let a friend from work try one, and he could not tell it was paleo. I think I'll add them to the list of things I want to make my parents when they visit, as a "look! paleo isn't scary!" statement. Or maybe even a "here, have this normal sugary, grainy treat I made for you! Oh, you like it, you say? Ha! I lied! It's paleo and you didn't even know!" 

I won't share the recipe because it's from a cookbook. Mike got it for me for Christmas and I have used it multiple times per week ever since. I highly recommend it. 

Best cookbook I own. (only paleo cookbook I own)

And now I'm off to eat one of my muffiny creations. Perhaps with some grass fed butter or some berry preserves. Yum yum!

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