Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's done!

We finally decided on a house and signed the lease this morning. It is such a relief to have that over with. It was a pretty stressful few days, but I'm just happy it's all figured out now.

We decided on a cute little house in the absolute best possible neighborhood. There were bigger and newer houses to choose from, but the part of town and the back yard of the one we chose really couldn't be beat. And Mike prefers old houses, anyway, so it worked out well. It has a bunch of the original fixtures and things from when the house was built 1927, so it has a cool, vintage-y feel. It also has the hardwood floors we love and lots of windows to let the light in. My favorite things about the house are the backyard and the huge, screened-in back porch (which, apparently, is called an Arizona room in these parts). 

The cats are going to absolutely love the screened-in porch since bird-watching is one of their favorite hobbies. The backyard has a grapefruit tree, a cool, stone picnic table type thing, and plenty of room for a dog. So I see us eating lots of meals back there, and can't wait to get a dog and will hopefully learn to love nasty grapefruit. Mike assures me that I will, but we'll see about that. 

As soon as we singed the lease we went back to the hotel and had a good, long sleep. It feels so good to have the house-search over with. And now we can just relax and enjoy the rest of our time here before heading back to Louisville on Saturday. 

Oh! And I almost forgot something totally crazy/awesome about the house we chose...We think that the landlord is Mike's distant relative. What are the chances of that?! They are probably related from about the early 1900s in Turkey. Mike and I are super into genealogy, so this is all extremely interesting to us.

Before leaving the hotel this morning I began my day with a workout in the hotel exercise room. I started with a few good minutes with the free weights. I love having access to weights up to 50 lbs, since at home my heaviest weights are only 10 lbs. After some work with the heaviest weights I could handle, I moved on to the treadmill.

Since I have an elliptical at home, I don't have much experience with a treadmill, and was excited to get to try one out. I got up to a pretty good speed, but was looking at my phone and not really paying attention to what I was doing, when suddenly, I accidentally stepped kind of sideways or set my foot down wrong or something, because the next thing I knew, I was flying off the machine. It all happened so fast, that I'm not really sure how it happened or what I fell on, but when I recovered, I had hit my lower right shin really hard on something and scraped it up too. I somehow managed to limp back up to the hotel room where Mike took care of me. Luckily we had a bag of pork gyoza in our little freezer that I used to ice my leg. If I ever use a treadmill again, I'm definitely going to give it my full attention and have plenty of frozen gyoza ready. 

Here are some pictures from the past couple days:

A pretty good example of what Tucson looks like. Saguaros/other cacti, rocks, palm trees, mountains in every direction, a pretty blue sky, and lots of sun. 

Yesterday was the last transit of Venus that will happen during the lifetime of anyone living today. There were telescopes/etc set up at the university here, so Mike and I headed over there to see it.

Here's a picture Mike took with his phone through one of the telescopes.

The yellow is the sun, the black spot is Venus, and the little red speckles are sun spots.

Pretty nice for a cell phone picture!

And here's a picture of it from the SDO telescope in space.

So neat!

After watching Venus for a while in the 100 degree heat, we decided to go to a cute little ice cream shop near campus.

It had been so long since Mike and I had ice cream. We both chose the chocolate malt crunch flavor, and did not regret it.

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