Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tucson: day 5

We've been super busy, but I thought I'd post really quick since Mike is reading a paper about thunderstorms on gas giant planets for work.

Breakfast at the hotel on Saturday.

Things in Tucson are going well so far. Well, kind of, maybe. 

On Saturday Mike and I attended some friends' wedding that was happening at our hotel. While I was curling my hair before heading to the wedding, my stupid curling iron BROKE when I was halfway done. I loved that thing, too, and it's even pretty new. I've only used it about six times or less. So I was not happy about it breaking, especially halfway through my hair on a special occasion. Thankfully, the rest of the day was tons of fun and I got to meet lots of  interesting people.

me, before the wedding

On Sunday and Monday we drove around town a bunch, through neighborhoods where we are interested in living and looked for "for rent" signs. We found tons and made calls, and viewed a few places.

On Sunday night we had a couple friends over to our hotel room to join us in watching the partial lunar eclipse from our balcony from 3-4 am. We had an appointment to see a house first thing in the morning, so we've been running on a sleep deficit for basically the entire trip. My eyes are extremely red. Once this is all over I'm sleeping for a long, long time. 

On another unpleasant note, I am covered in bites! I just counted, and there appears to be 18 of them. I would assume they are mosquito bites, but I haven't actually seen a single mosquito since we've been here, so I'm not sure what's biting me. And of course, Mike has zero bites. I guess I just taste better than him.

So far the house hunt is going somewhat well. There are currently two places we are considering. One of the places needs to hear our final answer about it by tonight. That's bad because we're having so much trouble choosing between the two places, and really, I'd like to get to see at least a few more houses before we decide. We have two other viewings scheduled for the early evening, and several places we left messages about seeing, but haven't heard back from. I'm getting nervous!

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