Thursday, June 28, 2012


I've been working on making my dad a mug for his birthday- my very last ceramic piece before packing up all my art stuff for the move, and things keep going very wrong with this project.

Before glazing.
I didn't like how the first mug came out because of something weird happening with my clear glaze. It was getting really bubbly and milky-looking, as if I had applied it to thickly, which it wasn't! There were still several days until my Dad's birthday, so if I hurried, I would have time to make another one and still get it to him in time. So that's what I did... and this time it turned out even worse than the first. I compensated for the weirdness of the clear glaze, but something even weirder happened!

In the glaze firing, some of the glaze popped off! It happened in 4 different places, but this was the only place where it took the underglaze off with it:

Since I really didn't want to make a third one, I decided I'd try to just glaze over the places where it popped off, and fire it again, to see if that would work. I ended up re-glazing and re-firing three more times, with this happening every time, except the places where the glaze was popping off would move slightly each time. Ahh!

So I reluctantly started a third mug (which would not reach my dad in time for his birthday). Today I was doing it's glaze firing, and what happens? I went to check on the kiln about an hour before it was going to be done, only to find that the circuit breaker had been tripped, killing the firing! Uuuugggghhhh. It shouldn't have harmed the mug at all, so hopefully I can just re-fire it and all will be fine, because if I have to make a fourth one, I think I might go crazy.

Other than the unending mug work, I've been busy packing up the house. Only 4 more weeks now until we move! I'm getting really excited. Mike and I are going up to Chicago this weekend to see some family and friends one last time while we still live in the area. Should be fun!

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