Friday, June 8, 2012

yum yum stir fry bowl.

Today was our first day in Tucson with no obligations. There were a couple things we could have done, like set up bank accounts and the like, but we decided to put that off until tomorrow morning.

We slept in and then headed out for lunch. I was feeling somewhat malnourished and desperately needed some meat and vegetables, so I looked around online, and found a place I really wanted to try. It's called Genghis Grill and it's a Mongolian Stir Fry restaurant. I'm sure probably everyone else in the universe has been to one of these kinds of places, but I never had. It was so awesome! It's set up kind of salad bar style and you get a bowl to fill up with whatever you want. There's the meat section with all sorts of meat. I chose Beef strips and a little bit of chicken. Then there's the spice section where you get to put whatever seasonings you want. I put garlic granules and ginger. Then there's the vegetables where you grab whatever you want from the many, many choices. I picked onion, zucchini, broccoli, cabbage, green beans, and water chestnuts. And then you fill this other little bowl with whatever sauce you want. After sampling a few of the sauces, I decided on the citrus ginger sauce. Then you give your stuff to the grill person and tell them what kind of starch you want. Udon, various kinds of rice, or tortillas. I got mine with steamed rice. Then they stir fry it up and bring it to you. And oh my god, it was so good.

I can't wait to go back there again.

After lunch we hung out at the hotel for a while, did some reading and took a nap. Then it was time to dinner!

We tried out a restaurant that Mike had been curious about. It was a Mexican hot dog place, which sounded kind of weird to me, but I was willing to try it out. I didn't really know what to expect, but it turned out they were hot dogs wrapped in bacon and topped with beans and jalapeƱos and a bunch of other stuff. They were actually pretty good! The beans were the best part, I think. Well actually, the horchata we both ordered on the side was the best part. None of the Mexican restaurants in Louisville seem to serve horchata, so Mike and I are ordering it every chance we get here.

After eating our dinner out by the pool, I headed over to the exercise room to work out for a bit. I used the elliptical, the free weights and the treadmill. I wasn't planning on using the treadmill again after my horrific treadmill experience yesterday, but I decided I'd give it another shot anyway. There were a few other people in the room with me, so at least if I went flying off the machine again, maybe someone would be there to call me an ambulance. It went okay, but I was definitely really nervous while I was using it. Those things are dangerous!

Tomorrow we are getting up early to run a few errands and then we're heading to Phoenix for the day. Some of Mike's family just happens to be there visiting right now, so we're going to spend the day with them and then drive back to Tucson in the evening. It should be fun! I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of the state.

And now that it's all dark outside, I think Mike and I are going to drive over to our future house to see what the neighborhood is like at night.

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