Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cookies and Nuggets.

I braved one of my least favorite environments today:

The Trader Joe's in this town is AWFUL. It's overly crowded with jerks and just bad in every way. Mike and I learned this a while back when we decided to switch up our normal routine and shop there one weekend. It was so bad that we never went back. That had been my first Trader Joe's experience in several years and since it was so very horrific, I decided that I just hated the place in general.

Fast forward a couple months to when we were in Tucson looking for a house. There was a Trader Joe's two doors down from the hotel we were staying at, and I begrudgingly agreed that we could do our shopping there while we were in town. I was in for quite a surprise. That Trader Joe's is awesome! Nothing at all like the one here in Louisville.

While I was in Tucson I fell in love with Trader Joe's carrot juice. I bought a bottle to keep in our hotel room, and then had to go back two more times to get more. Somehow I forgot about the stuff since I've been back home, until today, that is. I was somehow reminded of carrot juice, and just HAD to have some.

Since my juicer is already packed up for the move, I decided I would go to that awful, awful Trader Joe's here and get some of my trusty old carrot juice.

I thought maybe since it was in the middle of a weekday, the store wouldn't be so bad. It was though. But at least I got the juice.

For dinner this evening, I decided to do something a little different than usual.

Chicken nuggets!

I used to make paleo fried chicken from the recipe in my Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook, but I hadn't tried chicken nuggets yet. I found this recipe today on Life as a Plate, and was intrigued by its use of mayo and mustard (I left the honey out) to coat the chicken, instead of the usual egg.

They came out really well. The only thing that was slightly disappointing was the level of breading crispiness. It came out slightly more soggy than crispy. Soggy isn't really the right word, though. But regardless, they tasted great.

Local chicken.

Gooey grossness. 

Before baking.

Last but not least, for my eating pleasure this evening were these lovely fellows:

Grain-Free Almond Butter Cookies!

Here's the recipe I used. They came out pretty tasty. I've been trying to find some paleo recipes that my parents might enjoy, and this one is a definite keeper. The sweetness and texture don't measure up to the peanut butter cookies I grew up with, but for being grain-free these are pretty darn good.

Mike and I enjoyed our dinner and cookies while watching an episode of good ol' Farscape.

Weasel blocking my view, as usual.

Before Mike and I started dating almost 7 years ago, I had no experience with sci fi. He was kind enough to introduce me, and I have been hooked ever since. The very first series he showed me was Farscape, and when we couldn't find anything new to watch a few nights ago, we decided to re-watch the whole series. Great decision, I forgot how good it is.

Because I haven't reached my daily quota of Weasel pictures, here she is napping on a pile of boxes.

And now I'm off to do a bit of reading before bed.

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